Testimonies of God’s Grace – Overview

March 17, 2008

We’re going to start posting testimonies from different people in our church family – telling of God’s grace in saving them, growing them, or blessing them in other ways… You’ll be able to find them all by clicking on the category, “Testimonies of God’s Grace”. I’m excited about this for a number of reasons. Here are my hopes for these testimonies:

  • That God will be glorified as we identify His grace in people’s lives 
  • That we’ll be blessed and moved to worship as we savor God’s goodness
  • That we’ll be encouraged in our walks with God as we’re reminded of His forgiveness (don’t let guilt weigh you down!), faithfulness (He’s with you and always will be!), and power to transform lives (by His powerful grace, you CAN change!)… Believers have every reason for hope and joy!
  • That we’ll be comforted with the comfort with which others have been comforted – 2 Corinthians 1:3-7
  • That those who don’t know Christ will learn of His gospel of grace, see it’s power and beauty put on display, and turn to Him for forgiveness
  • That we’ll appreciate each other more as we’re reminded of what binds us together… We’re not just people who show up at the same place every Sunday! We’re family forever because God has been gracious to pay our debt and adopt us as His children!
  • That we’ll get to know each other better – through the testimonies themselves, and through the conversations that come from them
  • That our fellowship will be richer as our conversations are more and more centered on what Christ has done and is doing in individuals, families, and our church
  • That we’ll learn to better identify God’s grace in people’s lives on an ongoing basis. This is important because it encourages us, it enables us to better encourage others with specifics, and because God is magnified as we take note of what He’s doing in and through people…

For Christ and His people,



One Response to “Testimonies of God’s Grace – Overview”

  1. Lindsay said

    This is really cool! What a great thing to read about. Praise God for He does.

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