God’s grace in the life of Colleen Smith

March 18, 2008

At 1:30 p.m. on August 24 2007, I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I was sitting on the couch with my sister Debi and my niece Emily. We prayed together and cried together.  I remember it so definitely because my life changed so much that afternoon.

The leader of our Church youth group sexually molested me from when I was very young until I was the age of eleven, at which point I turned to a life of drugs and alcohol. I dropped out of school, was promiscuous, and became pregnant young. I was blessed with two beautiful children that I abused, not sexually but physically, and couldn’t care for. I ended up giving them to my aunt and uncle when they were only one and three. They are now fourteen and sixteen.


I had an uncle that I was very close to all my life; he was my buddy. He died August 16, 2001. I was devastated and became so mad at God for taking him away from me. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I had given up any thought of becoming clean or having a chance at the good life.


I continued on my path of destruction for several years, trying to fix the emptiness within me with drugs, alcohol, and destructive relationships. Finally I hit my rock bottom and I quit. That was around June 2005. It seemed that I stood still in time until that wonderful day that I asked Jesus Christ to be my Savior. When I did I was finally able to exhale and I was released of my burdens. I haven’t felt the same since; colors are brighter, smells are sweeter, and songs dance in my head. God gave His only Son to die for my sins and therefore I’ve been given a chance at the good life!


I’m thirsty for the Word of God and I desire to do God’s will and glorify Him.


~Colleen Smith




 Colleen (right), with her sister, Debi Herring, and niece, Emily



Debi prayed for her sister for years and witnessed to her numerous times before Colleen embraced Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Colleen’s salvation is a testimony to how God uses faithfulness in evangelism and prayer. It was such a joy to see Debi and Emily’s joy in Colleen’s salvation – they were so excited! And that joy has continued as they’ve watched her grow and grow… Colleen is a beautiful testimony to the joy that can only be found in Christ! She is amazed at God’s grace! And it’s truly impossible to talk to her about Jesus and miss the fact that she LOVES her Savior! : ) 


Colleen moved to California shortly after being saved in order to be close to her sister and other believing family. She was baptized at Bethel Grace on March 9, 2008. 



Our God is mighty to save!

~ Donovan 

P.S: If you have not yet read our post describing this “series” of testimonies and what we’re hoping to achieve through them, check the post below this one.  

3 Responses to “God’s grace in the life of Colleen Smith”

  1. Jeff Saltzmann said


  2. Lisa said

    Woo HOO! God is SO GOOD!!!

  3. I had the privilege of praying for Colleen as well. I didn’t know her, but I knew how burdened Debi was for her sister. I sat in the Herring’s living room on at least one occasion and begged God to do a mighty work in Colleen’s life…and He has! Our God is AMAZING!

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