Anika is alive! (and in Ukraine)

April 1, 2008

Here’s her latest update:
“Hey guys,
In case you hadn’t heard and maybe were wondering, I’m alive. [: We made it to Ukraine with pretty much no problems [a very nice change to most of our other trips!] and we’re already movin’ and groovin’! We’ve been setting up translators, trying to get a hold of our kids, meeting with church people, looking for an apartment and making friends! We’ve already got an appointment or two to go look at apartments in the area. We have to be out of where we are right now by the 10th of April, so definitely keep that search in your prayers!
We’ve already been to one church twice and we’re going again tonight to meet a couple more people. Our translator is from their and they have a missionary couple and a bunch of English speaking Nigerians so it’s been cool to be able to talk to people… their service is even translated to Enlish every week! Pray for wisdom in making connections with this and other churches and that God would direct us to the right place to settle in as our ‘home’ church here.
We’ve yet to see any of our kids so far… tried twice to go visit one of them, but he’s been gone both days. We have been able to call a few of them and will hopefully see a few tomorrow! Woo hoo! We’re all super excited!! The stinky thing is that a bunch of them have changed their phone numbers, a stupid and common thing with our kids… to change your number every month or two. We may have to go to their schools and find a lot of them again. Which could be exciting, but just a lot more time, money and hassle. Pray that we are able to find them all easily and quickly.
Um… I don’t know what else to say… there really isn’t much to report so far. 😛 Pray for adjustment for the team… some of them have really had a hard time sleeping for some reaons [jetlag, stress, etc]. Oh and pray that we’d be able to find a tutor soon and get giong on the language more. That’s about it for now. Thanks guys!
PS. If you want to send emails, that’s totally ok and highly encouraged! I’d love to hear from you all, even just for a quick hi!”
Anika’s e-mail address is
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