“Young, Restless, Reformed”

April 3, 2008

In some church circles, watered down sermons, downplayed doctrine, and entertainment has been the popular thing over the last few years… Then the “new liberalism” began to rear it’s head and gain popularity through “Emergent” and their hesitancy to take a stance on even core doctrines… But in other circles a renewed passion for deep, precise, biblical truth has been gaining momentum… We’ve made mention of the “Young Calvinists”/”New Calvinists”/”Emerging Reformers”/”Charismatic Calvinists” in a couple posts… Whichever terms one may use, the bottom line is that Calvinism/Reformed Theology/the doctrines of grace/the doctrine of the sovereignty of God is gaining momentum in the church today…

Collin Hansen investigated this trend and wrote an article entitled “Young, Restless, Reformed” for the September 2006 issue of Christianity Today. I encourage you to read it.

Hansen has just released a full-length book by the same title. You can read Tim Challies’ review of it here.

~ Donovan

P.S: I realize the term “Calvinism” carries awful conotations for some people. I think that is partly because of the extreme views some Calvinists have, and partly because Calvinists have been known to be pretty arrogant, insensitive, and overbearing in how they communicate their favorite doctrines… Mostly however, I think many people who dislike this doctrine have an inaccurate view of what the doctrine actually is… (for example, I think for many people Calvinism = Fatalism). I’ll write more on this topic in another post.   


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