The Gospel

April 10, 2008

Recently in the college & young adults group, The Refinery, I’ve been hammering home the idea that as Christians we need to be telling others the Gospel. This idea hit home with me when studying 1 Peter 1:23-25. Peter says that we have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. When I preached on this passage we hammered the fact that unbelievers do not get born again by anything but the Word. They don’t get born by being nice, they don’t get born again by watching Christian’s love each other, they aren’t born again by cool music, emergent church atmosphere, or by coffee and doughnuts. Neither are they born again by coming to church with us, they aren’t born again by seeing our really cool and “pure” lives, nor are they born again by our polished lifestyles.

With this said – none of the things listed are bad. In fact some of those elements are commanded to be in place for a Christian and his life. Others are just ancillary issues. But somehow, as Christians, we have become confused as to what saves. We can answer the Sunday School question: “What saves a sinner?” But somehow when it comes to our practice – our actual lives – we retreat from telling people the only thing that will save them. We hope, we strive, we make great pains to do anything BUT tell people the Gospel. We are willing to tell them our stance on homosexuality (or anything we don’t agree with/believe in), we are willing to proudly demonstrate the benefits of homeschooling our children, we are happy to show people our great marriages, our cool Christian musicians, our decorated churches and even our new techniques, but when it comes time to share the Gospel, we are hesitant sometimes even reluctant to share the lifesaving Good News – The Gospel. 

So this has been somewhat of a rant, but for good purpose I hope. Here is my question – and I hope you as the reader will respond and leave a comment. 

What is the Gospel? 
Maybe the “Church’s” problem is that we really don’t know the Gospel? 
Do you know what the Gospel is? Can you explain the Gospel? 

Leave a comment and explain the Gospel – Don’t look at other peoples responses before you do. Try explaining the Gospel right here on our blog (No grades will be given out don’t you worry). After you do – check another persons response. On Friday/Saturday I will be posting the Gospel. Come back and check your answer. See if I’m right – if I’m Biblical or if we are all out of line. 

God bless

~ Drew


3 Responses to “The Gospel”

  1. Justin said

    Here is how I explain the gospel on my blog:

    Picture this: You are driving down the road and there are two cars in front of you. One has the license plate GOD and the other says Satan. God resides in Heaven while Satan is going to end up in Hell. Who are you going to follow? This is a very important question because in life, we really are making this choice. Who we follow affects where we will spend eternity. Not believing in Hell won’t change that. If I was on a road and said I don’t believe in trucks, I could still get hit by one! Since the reward if what I’m going to tell you about is true is so great and the punishment for being wrong to so terrible, it is something to consider even if you think what I am saying is false. So please listen.

    You obviously would prefer to go to Heaven, so you choose to follow God. Let’s imagine that God is on an Interstate to Heaven. There are several exit ramps Satan wants you to take to get you off this road. Let’s see if in your life you have taken one of these exit ramps by breaking the 10 Commandments.

    Exit 1
    Have you ever put something before God: Television? A person? A game? Sex? Even church?
    Exit 2
    Have you made a god to suit yourself such as saying my god would never do that or have you worshiped an idol such as a celebrity?
    Exit 3
    Have you ever misused the name of God? This is like replacing a filthy word with the name God that gave you life.
    Exit 4
    God wants us to have a day every week set aside for him. Have you ever not given God the time and energy he deserves?
    Exit 5
    Have you ever not honored your parents?
    Exit 6
    God commands us not to murder people. He also says hate is to be a murderer in your heart. Have you ever been guilty of that?
    Exit 7
    Have you ever committed adultery? God says that whoever looks upon someone with lust has committed adultery in their heart.
    Exit 8
    Have you ever stolen something, even if it has a small value?
    Exit 9
    Have you ever lied?
    Exit 10
    Have you ever desired what belongs to other people (coveting)?

    Sin (breaking God’s laws of the 10 Commandments) is the exit ramp that takes us off the interstate of following God. I took the exit ramp too. In fact everyone has. God says (Romans 3:23) “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. Sin is doing wrong, rebellion against God. Maybe you think you just sin a little and it is not big deal. You still consider yourself a “good person”. However, the Bible says in Matthew 5:48 “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ None of us meet God’s standard. God tells us (through the Bible) that sin will be punished with death. Whoever breaks his law will die and spend eternity in hell. That means you and me. However, what if on your court date someone came in and paid your fine for you? You could be set free! That is what Jesus Christ did for you about two thousand years ago. God became a man named Jesus. He lived a life with no sin and he died in your place. God then rose from the grave and defeated death. He won’t force you to go to heaven though. The gift of eternal life is just like any other gift. You must receive it. Do you want to do that today? Do you believe that God sent his Son, Jesus, to pay for your sins and he rose from the dead? Are you willing to repent (turn away from sin)? If so, tell him! We call it praying, but it’s simply talking to God. Just talk to him respectfully like you do anyone else. Here is an example prayer below:

    God, I am sorry for sinning against you. Please forgive me. I want to turn away from sin with your help. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I ask you to be my personal Savior and Lord over my life. Please help me grow to be the Christian you want me to be. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    There is nothing magical about those specific words, but if those words were an outpouring of your heart then you are now ready to live your life as a new creation. The price for your sin has been payed and you asked God for that wonderful gift. Keep your promise to God and flee from sin. You may be in Heaven with God when you die if you are saved, but that is just extra. God wants to transform you right here on Earth. To grow to be a strong Christian:

    * Read the Bible.
    * Join a local Bible believing church.
    * Be baptized by immersion in a local church.
    * Tell people of your decision and go out spreading the good news.

  2. Kent Dalton said

    Good posting Drew.

    The Gospel is simple. God is Holy and I am not.

    I as an imperfect sinner can have nothing to do with God. It is my sin that separates me from God. There is nothing (no act of work) that I can do to have a relationship with God.

    The only way for me to have a relationship (peace) with God is that my sin is no longer there. In that it has been forgiven, washed away, cleaned.

    This sin debt that I have can ONLY be paid through what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross. He (Jesus Christ/God) who is perfect/without sin took my place and received my punishment for sin as He died on the cross.

    As He has demonstrated to me his Grace/faith, He has shown me that he purchased me with His blood, and that I am no longer mine but His. I am an adopted child of the King of kings and LORD of Lords.

    This act we often refer to as propitiation or atonement is what makes the difference. With that, I am justified, redeemed and forgiven. And today He is santifiying me.

    Then to prove who He said He was, he was raised from the dead, incorruptable.

    When God regenerates us, makes us “born again” we walk in a newness of life, transformed. There will be within us a desire to follow and serve our LORD/Master/Father.

    There is no other way to have peace with God than through Jesus Christ. Without Christ, there is enmity and separation from Him.

    Let us live our lives in a way that pleases, glorifies, reflects and honors Him. Praise the name of Jesus.

  3. Kent Dalton said

    As I reviewed what I posted, I believe that there are a couple of other components that are important to make mention of specifically.

    I think it was implied, but we are called to confess our sins and repent from them as well.

    For His glory
    Bro Kent

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