Oprah and new age beliefs…

April 15, 2008

What this video shows about Oprah and how she’s propagating new age beliefs is very revealing… Her fans LOVE her, and she has incredible influence over millions around the globe… (it’s quite scary how readily people follow someone, isn’t it?) What is most striking to me is how some people seen in this video (and Oprah herself) seem to think that these ideas are compatible with being a Christian! This kind of “mix-and-match” belief-system is very prevalent today, and not just by Oprah fans… Also prevalent today – an emphasis on what “feels spiritual”… More on that in later posts. My main point in this post: Know what the Bible says so that you can discern truth and error… and if you’re ever not sure about something, be a “Berean” who will search the Scriptures in order to test it against their infallible, God-breathed standard. 

Note: The video is very dramatic and “conspiracy theory”, “doomsday-is-here-ish”, but it nonetheless documents a number of things well and is worth the watch. I don’t think Oprah (or Obama) is the AntiChrist, and I’m not advocating a crusade against Oprah! I posted this video because I think it’s good to know what beliefs people are embracing, to see the incredible influence of media today, and to illustrate the need for biblical discernment… That said, check out the video:


One Response to “Oprah and new age beliefs…”

  1. bethelgrace said

    I definitly have to say that this is “doomsday-ish.” It follows the traditional line of Christian reactionism that is so prevalent. However, it does bring some alarming things into view. However, if somebody still believes that Oprah is the front-person for Christianity – they need to get in their Bibles and read the text.
    Oprah is neither THE anti-christ nor the biggest opponent for Christianity. However, we do need to learn how to address the issues and worldview that she represents. And I do agree that Christians need to get involved somehow in “the battle” but not in a militant struggle agains Oprah-istic, New-Ageism. The battle is to be waged every day against every idea that exalts itself against Christ. Its time as Christians that we actually engage in this battle on a one-to-one basis rather than as an affront against Oprah, Dr. Phil or any other well known institutions. We should be known for what we stand for – now what we are against. We stand for Christ – Him crucified, sin punished and forgiven and new life available in Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father. The triune God – not just immanent but also transcendent who cares for us much and loved us and sacrificed of himself to reconcile us to himself.

    This God we must stand for – communicate/proclaim to others and represent in the world – not just in our Christian bubble.

    May God be honored with such communication as we seek to direct others TO him, not just away from the latest craze.

    ~ Drew

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