God’s grace in the life of Larry Kuechlin

May 2, 2008


I was raised in a non-Christian home until around 10 or 11 years old when God fulfilled a dream. This dream was one that one of my mother’s aunts had about my mother being covered with blood. When my aunt told my mother about her dream, it repulsed her, but my aunt said it was good for her to be covered with blood because it was the blood of Jesus Christ.


After my mother was born again, I started having some contact with the Gospel even though it was limited because my father wanted to go places on his only day off—Sunday. Like any saved mother, she got my sister and I involved as much as possible in Bible-centered activities. She won my father over without nagging him. She lived a godly life before him and lived like the woman in Proverbs 31:10.


I lived an outwardly clean life until my junior year of High School. This was the time my depraved nature started to manifest itself in many rebellious ways. Alcohol addiction was my first. I was known at Banning High as “Larry the Lush.” I soon tired of being sick, was introduced to drugs, and then became a respectable drug addict.


Then, God started doing some very strange things to me, like not letting me go to sleep until I read His Word. This went on for some months in 1957 until one Sunday morning in November God got me up and sent me off to my mother’s church. When the invitation was given, the Lord told me if I didn’t make a decision and believe on Jesus now He would never deal with me again. I went to the front and tried to tell a deacon my reason for coming but all I could do was cry. After a long time having liquid prayers, I went outside. I had never seen the sky so blue and the grass so green! That was the morning my Heavenly Father made me a new creature in the Lord Jesus Christ. “I have begun the work in you and I will complete it” Philippians 1:6.


Soon after, our gracious God and Father gave me life, light, and faith to believe in Him, He started using me to tell others of His great power to free souls from Satan’s darkness and slavery to sin. God gave me the gifts of teaching and preaching His Word and the faith to know that His Word always does exactly what He promises it will do. I have failed Him many times but for Jesus’ sake He has never given up on me. Praise His Holy Name!


~Larry Kuechlin Sr.

I am one of His Born Ones only by His GRACE!



Larry and Pat Kuechlin



Larry with 2 of his granddaughters, Lacee and Katelyn Young,

at Bethel Grace, Resurrection Sunday, 2008 



Larry and Dave Novak enjoying a laugh at the Bethel Grace VBS, 2007



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One Response to “God’s grace in the life of Larry Kuechlin”

  1. Larry Kuechlin, Jr. said

    What a wonderfully written testimony, Dad. Now I know where I got my writing skills! Well done! A perfect message.

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