Money-saving tips

May 9, 2008

In Titus 2 we are told that younger men and women should learn from older men and women… As we prepare for marriage, Heather and I have been looking to learn from godly people with more life experience and more wisdom than us. Lisa Smeaton has put a lot of time into thinking through how to save money and be a good steward of it. These are the money-saving tips she passed on to Heather recently (which, quite evidently, would have taken us a whole lot longer to learn if we’d tried to figure them all out ourselves!):


Some great money-saving websites to check out:

For information:

  • ****** – This website offers a blog with great tips and notices about freebies in stores. They also have links to printable coupons and other helpful websites. They have a section for beginners with links to podcasts and articles about saving money including how to use your CVS card for your benefit.
  • www.couponmom.comSign up for FREE membership to receive printable coupons! When you sign up you have to wade through several ads. Just click “Skip” and you’ll get to the good stuff. This website has free printable coupons including restaurant coupons and grocery, savings articles, free samples and offers, links to helpful websites etc.
  • – This website offers tips on using your money wisely including articles about credit cards and more!
  • – Sign up for their newsletter! Enjoy their newsletter, blog, radio online, recipes, e-books, etc.
  • – This website has forums in which to discuss and contribute great money-saving advice. They also offer coupons.
  • www.miserlymom.comWebsite with great links to helpful websites on everything you need as a mom or homemaker including parenting, adoption, education, etc.

For printable coupons:

  • (same site mentioned above)
  • – Coupons are organized by store including Target, Kohls, Nike, etc. They also give a list of sales, clearances, and free shipping offers.
  • – Coupons are listed by category and there is also a coupon savings blog to check out.

For cheap/free DVD and book rentals/swaps:


Some helpful money-saving books to check out:


A few more tips from Lisa:

  • Get a CVS Extracare card and follow the tips on the website. 
  • Shop store loss leaders and shop at more than one store.
  • Start a price book. Track sale prices for regularly purchased items.
  • Shop once per week from a menu plan based on sale items. Plan a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. For example, if chicken is on sale that week, buy enough for 2 weeks and use recipes for chicken. The next week beef might be on sale, so you buy 2 weeks worth of beef and then you can alternate for the next 2-3 weeks between chicken and beef meals.
  • Stock up when items are on sale, even if you only have $5 for stocking up. For example: If tuna is $1 a can, buy 5 cans. Try to buy enough to get you to the next sale. Sale cycle is usually every 6-8 weeks.
  • Cook from scratch as much as possible. Try to only buy pkg. food when on sale with a coupon
  • If you have little time to cook, invest in a crock pot!
  • Make a big pot of soup and have it stretch over several days.


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