More poetry by Jonathan Seruyange

May 30, 2008

This is the second poem Jonathan shared at our Coffeehouse a few weeks ago:

New Clothes

Where are you child?
Buried so deep, each leaf a lie,
So many leaves, yet so thin a covering,
Dreams of golden glory case off for the greenery
Of futility.

Where are you child?
Walking in a masquerade,
Your facade that’s become so comfy,
So natural to you;
And yet, have you forgotten your own face?
When you look in the mirror, is it you who looks back?
Or do you simply avoid mirrors altogether?

You’re a poor tailor, my son, my daughter,
Working all day and all night for second rate clothes,
Hiding each rotting layer with a new one each day;
The job you wear to work, the works you put on for church;
Yet in your dreams, you are naked; behind all those walls,
Naked, cold, and afraid.

Oh for the love of God, throw off those dirty rags!
Tear off that false front!
Stop looking at them! Look at me! Look!

Green is not your color,
Light is more you…
Put on this robe of lambskin white–
Look! I see you more clearly already!
You’re beautiful with the right robes,
And though it may hurt to wear them sometimes,
You’ll find they fit you better than anything else.

Fig leaves were made for dying trees.
Leave them where they lie.
You’re of my family
And my clothes are all the covering you need.

To read the first poem Jonathan shared at our Coffeehouse, click here.


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