Faithful in love

June 11, 2008

A boy from our neighborhood started coming to AWANA at our church… No one in his family was Christian, but AWANA was something to do. When he was older, he began to attend youth group. With time, he started to attend our Sunday services as well. After a few years, he moved to another area.

His walk with the Lord was greatly helped by the faithful friendships of  the Bethel Grace youth pastor at the time, and a few older men in the church. One man in particular befriended him, and they would sit together every Sunday. This older brother e-mailed this young man on New Year’s day 2008 to encourage him:

“I miss those wonderful times of our sitting together in church. I pray this coming year will be one of Joy in the Lord as you “seek Godly things” . Those were the first words that I heard you say when I introduced myself and asked you how I could pray for you. By the way I still have that note and pray for you each day. God bless you…

PS I turned 80 last month but am still going strong.”


His response:

“I love you old man.

When I’d wake up on Sunday mornings there was a pep in my step because I was so anxiouse to worship and learn about our God together. I really enjoyed our fellowship; it was a blessing and I miss it so much.  Same with the mens prayer Saturday mornings, choir stuff, and setting up or down for events Bethel Grace would have.
If a worldy man judged me on how i’m living my life… He’d say I’m doing great; a few mistakes but they’re outweighed with positive stuff, and a lot of fun. If a man of God were to view me… He’d insist that I focus on the future, and focus on my heart and spirit more. And most of all focus and better my relationship with Christ. Cause I havn’t really done that, and this e-mail made these things clear to me. Your little paragraph encouraged me in a BIG way to dwell in more Spiritual and Godly things.

I love you.

Tell the usual men of Saturday mornings I love and miss them as well. 
80!! Praise the Lord! God’s done marvelous things with you while you’ve aged, even with the loss of family and hardships in your walk, God’s love radiates off you and ANYONE by the sight of you could tell you were a man of God. I for one can give testimony about the first time you and i started to be aquainted.”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

We may not realize how much God will use simple acts of kindness, friendship, and love, but He so often uses small things in wonderful ways…

Let’s be faithful to love each other, and by God’s grace, impact the lives of others in indelible ways…  



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