“10 Ways to Be a Good Husband and Father”

September 2, 2008

Erin Skifter (Lance’s wife) read this list at her father, Glen Jackson’s memorial service. Her testimony to her father’s genuine, day-in, day-out godliness is beautiful, and I trust it will be encouraging to you all:

“10 Ways to Be a Good Husband and Father”
1) Bring your wife coffee every morning
2) Volunteer at your children’s school and sports teams
3) Don’t let anyone disrespect your wife, including your children or yourself
4) Read to your children
5) Do the dishes
6) Whistle at your wife at least once per day
7) If your daughter’s date doesn’t open the door for her, he doesn’t get a second date
8 ) Work diligently
9) Encourage your family to see the best in others
10) If you ever preach a sermon, be sure to live what you preach 
That last point is especially powerful because Glen Jackson was a Pastor who preached every week! And this testmony is from his daughter, who had every opportunity to see hypocrisy in her father’s life…
May we all strive to be as faithful, every day… 

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