Christian Democrat!?!

September 12, 2008

I bet that title got your attention! : )
My goal in this post is actually not to discuss which way you should vote… My goal is merely to point out that there are committed Christians who do prefer to vote Democratic, and to point out some of their reasoning… 
Its very easy to assume that every committed Christian would think and live as we do, or that every issue is black and white, and I think it’s helpful to realize that that’s not always the case. In areas where Scripture is not explicit, we must do our best to arrive at biblical convictions and live accordingly, but we must be careful to allow other Christians to do the same, even if they arrive at convictions different to ours. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t discuss things like parenting and schooling choices, media choices, views on drinking alcohol, tattoos, and of course -politics, it just means we should be careful how we do so. Dialogue on these issues is fitting if it is done graciously, without insisting on anything “beyond what is written”, and can be very beneficial and sharpening.
The abortion issue is a big one for Christians, and one that often seals the Christian’s decision to vote Republican. However, in my experience, Christians who vote Democratic still feel very strongly about abortion being wrong, they just think that voting Republican won’t stop it. Some think that banning abortion will never happen, and that tackling societal problems is more likely to make an impact on how many abortions take place (see the video below). For this reason, the abortion issue is not what drives their vote.
I have found that committed Christians who vote Democratic do so primarily because of concern for the poor. This concern is biblical and should characterize every Christian (James 1:27, Proverbs 14:31, Ephesians 4:28). Other Christians with a heart for the poor vote Republican despite the Democratic party line. Many of them believe that caring for the poor is not the role of government, and that God’s plan is for the poor to be helped through individuals and churches. 
With both these issues then, the question for the Christian is not one of whether or not these issues should be dear to our hearts, but rather one of how we should be striving to see these things accomplished…
Don’t throw rocks at Christian Democrats! Know that there are many who are genuine believers who love Jesus and are seeking to honor Him in every aspect of their lives, including their political views. Engage them in discussion and hear why they choose to vote as they do. Seek to challenge each other’s thinking as you both wrestle through what is most God-honoring…
Just some food for thought.
I’ll let a Christian Democrat speak for himself: Donald Miller, author of the Christian bestseller, Blue Like Jazz, prayed to close the Democratic National Convention this year (see his prayer here). In an inteview with Christianity Today just before the convention, Miller explains his reasoning for supporting the Democrats in this election:

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