Hip Hop to the glory of Jesus Christ

September 15, 2008

I really didn’t intend on posting one controversial post after another… : )

I know many Christians are very leary of hip-hop culture and hip-hop music, and I understand many of the reasons why. Much rap and hip-hop is packed full of sin-exalting content, and the culture seems to be dominated by the same idols exalted in the music. The truth however, is that every culture has aspects that must be rejected, some that can be tweaked and “redeemed”, others that are neutral, and still others that are good. As with any other culture, Christ can be exalted in hip-hop culture.

There is an important principle I learned about in my missions classes at college – one of taking biblical truth into a culture, and allowing it to transform that culture and be expressed within it, rather than imposing one culture upon another. We all apply this on some level – it’s why we’re okay with men wearing something other than robes and sandals (like Jesus wore), and why we don’t recline around a table every time we enjoy the Lord’s Supper together (as Jesus and His disciples did). We understand that these externals are not inseperably tied up with the core of the gospel. 

What does a Christ-saturated believer in hip-hop culture look like? And what does he rap about? I encourage you to watch this interview with Trip Lee, a young Christian hip-hop artist: 


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Pastor Tim Interviews Trip Lee on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod


The song below is an exposition of Philippians. It is as packed with biblical truth as any song I’ve ever heard, in any genre:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “116 Clique Trip Lee – To Live Is Chri…“, posted with vodpod


To follow the lyrics while you listen, click here.   

Trip Lee, along with other hip-hop arists wholeheartedly committed to the glory of Jesus Christ, is with Reach Records and ReachLife Ministries. More about them in later posts.

~ Donovan


2 Responses to “Hip Hop to the glory of Jesus Christ”

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  2. thinkingbell said

    Great:) I needed to hear from the guy behind this kind of music – as I myself love these types of rythms and style (hip hop). Just have been a bit worried if it was “right” of me to listen to it (so I didn`t – getting bored, bit by bit lacking impulses in my life as the “no no`s” are too many in the world I used to live in. Now God has redeemed me to life itself again – and I am forever thankful!


    God has brought victory in all things. He is Almighty God, Jesus Christ. We must never underestimate Him:)

    Thanks for the interview:)

    Peace, Tb

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