A Christ-exalting Church in Hip-Hop culture

September 23, 2008

Last week I posted about God-honoring hip-hop, including an interview and song by a young hip-hop artist named Trip Lee. Trip is an active member of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This church appears to be a great example of what a Christ-exalting church looks like within inner city, hip-hop culture. Watch this video for their core values:



I think its very easy for us to make judgments based upon the surface level, and I have no doubt that some Christians would be hesitant about a church like this. In externals it may not seem “traditional” or “conservative”, but in it’s theology, values, mission and essence, this is a biblical church. In fact, this church is far more biblical and God-honoring than many, many churches that we might call “traditional” or “conservative” based upon surface level features… More on that in another post.




On a side note: One of Epiphany’s pastors is William “Duce” Branch. He is better known as “The Ambassador”, a solo hip-hop artist and one of four members of the group, “The Cross Movement”.  



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