So many blogs, so little time…

October 31, 2008

It is possible to browse the internet endlessly from one blog to another… While you can find some real gems by doing this and also learn much about the spectrum of views out there, most often we just don’t have enough time to do this responsibly. That’s why it helps to have a few blogs you know are really good that you plan on checking often or subscribing to (see our subscribe page for a video on how this works). Our Blogroll page (which includes brief annotations on some of the blogs), may be of help to you as you pick out a few blogs to frequent. 

I don’t claim these are the best blogs on the web, but here are the blogs I visit (and find helpful) most often:

By far and away, I visit Between Two Worlds (Justin Taylor) and (Tim Challies) the most often. Besides the very helpful posts these men write themselves, they also glean the very best from the web and link to it: other good blog posts, book reviews, resources, news Christians should be aware of, etc. Both these men post almost every day, so it’s likely you’ll always find something well worth reading at their blogs.

Raw Christianity – My dear friend, David “Gunner” Gundersen, writes this blog. He is the Dean of Student Life at The Master’s College. His posts are most often reflective (and very encouraging and/or convicting). Others are more theological, and always good food for thought… 

God is Better than All – Another friend of mine, PJ Tibayan, writes this blog, which deals mostly with church and theological matters. He was an intern at Capital Hill Baptist, the church Mark Dever pastors, for a season. Now he is planting a church in LA. I enjoy reading his blog because I find his take on things very thorough and balanced (and because he’s a lot more intelligent and knowledgable than me! 🙂 ). 

I visit these blogs less frequently, but often benefit from them too:

Pulpit – The Blog/on-line magazine of The Shepherd’s Fellowship.

Pyromaniacs – Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips and Frank Turk. Often includes plenty of debate over theology and/or the current state of the church.

Truth in Love – Voddie Baucham (author and conference speaker). I enjoy reading Voddie’s blog for 2 reasons – his biblical analysis of culture is often very enlightening, and this is a man who is not afraid to say what he thinks! Voddie’s posts are always thought provoking…

Al Mohler – Al Mohler is the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He blogs every week day (his blog posts are tied to his radio program), and typically discusses current issues in the church and culture. He is very helpful for the Christian wanting to “stay abreast” of, and think biblically about, our changing world. Also see his “Commentary” articles – he has not added to these in some time, but there are many articles in the archives well worth reading. 



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