Once in a while the jokes in forwarded e-mail are worth passing on:


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The books in The Twilight Saga are immensely popular with youth right now, especially girls. Though he doesn’t normally review books in this genre (teenage fiction), Tim Challies decided to review this one because of it’s incredible popularity. I especially encourage youth and parents to read his review. Read it here.


CJ Mahaney continues his series on lazyness (and you may be guilty, even if you’re busy). I’ve linked to the first two before:

1. Are You Busy?
2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator

Here are two more:

3. The Procrastinator Within
4. Just Do It

~ Donovan

Scripture exhorts us to meditate, but this meditation is an engaging of our minds as we think deeply on God’s Word, not the eastern style of mind-numbing, mantra-repetition that is gaining popularity in Christian circles today (through “Christian Yoga”, as well as what is called “lectio divina” or “centering” or “contemplative” prayer). To read some helpful thoughts from Al Mohler, click here

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November 2008 

A Face of Open Arms

18-year-old Losha Yeremenko is a kid who simply loves to laugh, but behind the smile there are countless scars cutting deep after years of pain and abuse. Second born in a family of 6 sons, Losha quickly learned how ugly life can be. Electrocution in puddles of water was just one of the methods of abuse his alcoholic father would inflict on him and his brothers. At merely 7 years old, after his father’s death and his absent mother loss all parental rights, Losha and his brothers were left to the orphanage system. In his years at the orphanage, Losha watched two of his younger brothers get adopted, while he received twisted forms of punishment, such as being taken on more than one occasion to be drugged and “treated” at a mental hospital. The loses and pains of this time are hardly mentionable for Losha.

After finishing the orphanage, Losha was sent to trade school in the village where his mother still lives. His alcoholic step-father there has made countless attempts to end Losha’s life, even succeeding in getting a knife stuck in Losha’s leg only months ago. His schooling was one of the worst we have seen and his very situation put his life in danger. With this reality Losha made the decision to try for change by transferring to Sumy. We fought with him in the process, as multiple schools initially accept him only to kick him out simply because he is an orphan. Finally, God cleared the way for Losha to enter an upper division trade school in Sumy. This is far better schooling than anything he has received and it allows our team to work much more closely in Losha’s life. Now, Losha is praised by his teacher as one of her hardest workers, he gets up at 6:30am to make it to school on time each day, and no one is threatening his life.

It is continually surprising to watch as he opens his heart through years of relationship. The countless pains he has endured have made Losha one of the strongest kids we know. He is unashamedly loyal to those he holds dear and a protector at the core. In the midst of his strong, silent spirit resides a tenderness that is a rare gift to those he shares it with. We are completely honored to have him as a gift from God in our ministry and we look forward to the ways God will move in his beautiful heart.

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I just started reading, “Hearts and Minds: Raising your children with a Christian view of the world” by Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner. I think it’s going to be stellar.
In the introduction, the authors gave an example of a kid that excelled in Bible memorization but did so without understanding or internalizing what he memorized, and did so for all the wrong reasons: he wanted the spotlight. In contrast, they then shared this story:
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Wayne Grudem is an excellent theologian and author! His book, Systematic Theology, has been very widely appreciated. To listen to free lectures that present much of the material in this book, click here (see the far left-hand column).


To read part 2 of CJ Mahaney’s blog series on the difference between busyness and dilgence, click here. For part 1, click here.

CJ Mahaney recently wrote a blog post entitled “Are You Busy?” It was convicting to me. I have a lot to learn about “work wisdom”! To read it, click here. He said he’ll be writing more on the subject too…


On Questioning God…

November 13, 2008

Al Mohler addresses this issue well in a blog post entitled, “Is it Legitimate to Question God?”. To read it, click here.

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