Mohler on Christians and “meditation”:

November 21, 2008

Scripture exhorts us to meditate, but this meditation is an engaging of our minds as we think deeply on God’s Word, not the eastern style of mind-numbing, mantra-repetition that is gaining popularity in Christian circles today (through “Christian Yoga”, as well as what is called “lectio divina” or “centering” or “contemplative” prayer). To read some helpful thoughts from Al Mohler, click here

HT: Tim Challies


One Response to “Mohler on Christians and “meditation”:”

  1. Scott in NY said

    Very interesting. I noticed your comment at Pyromaniacs today, and I am surprised that hardly anyone else has answered or said anything else in support of your post.

    Anyway, I would like to recommend a few books that expose this practice; “A Time Of Departing” and “For Many Shall Come In My Name” by Ray Yungen, and “Faith Undone” by Roger Oakland. (Faith Undone deals more with the Emerging Church, but includes information dealing with the EC’s affinity for contemplative spirituality) These books are published by Lighthouse Trails;
    They have an excellent website with a large amount of information dealing with this subject.

    It is a bit alarming to see how fast this is coming into the church. Thank you for standing against the tide!


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