The 60 most popular “Christian” blogs

January 23, 2009

Actually this list, complied by, is titled “Top 60 Church Blogs” (I tweaked the title because many of these blogs are not run by churches, and “top” can mean “best”, which is certainly not the case with some of these blogs!). These 60 blogs are the most popular “Christian” blogs on the web, and the diversity on the list is quite striking (from Desiring God/John Piper to Brian McLaren, and everything in between!). I was pretty surprized to find out that the two blogs I visit (and link to) most often are in positions 1 and 2. Since there are several blogs on the list I know are very solid and edifying, I’ll look through the ones I don’t know and see if I strike gold. You can see the full list here.

~ Donovan


One Response to “The 60 most popular “Christian” blogs”

  1. I like the approach you took with this article. It’s not typical that you simply discover something so concise and informative.

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