“What He Must Be… If He Wants To Marry My Daughter”

March 6, 2009

I’ve mentioned Vodie Baucham on this blog before… he’s always great food for thought, always presents his views unashamedly, and though you probably won’t always agree (and might find your feathers a tad ruffled here and there), he’s bound to challenge and convict you, and sharpen your thinking. 

His new book, “What He Must Be… If He Wants To Marry My Daughter” was already on my “to read” list. After reading a review of it this morning, I’m looking forward to it all the more. I’m anticipating finding it a phenomenal tool both for parents striving to prepare their sons for manhood and/ or striving to help their daughters develop a clear portrait of what really matters in their choice of life partner, and a very helpful read for young men and women as they prepare for life and the prospect of marriage as well… 

To read the review I just read (by Frank Turk, of the “Pyromaniacs” blog), click here. This man is not easily impressed, but he’s very enthusiastic about this book. Here are a few blurbs from his review:

“… get into this book and grab a robust view of the role of a husband and a father — both from the perspective of what you personally ought to be in your family, and what you ought to seek out in and mentor into young men who think they want something to do with young women, especially the young women in your family.”

“This is a book about reclaiming the role of men in our families, our churches and our society — and I say, “Lay it on, my friend!””

“… it is a deeply pastoral book — seeking to make disciples of men, to be doers of the word and not just hearers only. Read this book, and then read it again, and then tear out the chapters and make little booklets of them so you can share them in small groups, and then start teaching this stuff to your sons so they can be this kind of men. And then teach it to your daughters so they kind find these kind of men.”

“This book is worth every penny, and you will read it more than once.”



One Response to ““What He Must Be… If He Wants To Marry My Daughter””

  1. Kent Dalton said

    I love Vodie Baucham. He so clearly lays out the Truth, and has a great way of communicating to the family in ways that we need to correct in so many of our households if we are to be a home that reflects Christ.

    As a Father of girls this topic resonates with me, but I think that this book is for any Father who wants to realign his focus on where “the bar” should be as opposed to where the culture has it.

    I plan on ordering a dozen of these books and giving them out to some of my friends who are Fathers. Not only will we see what we should look for in our children’s future mate, but also see where we, as Husbands need to change, to be the spouse that we should be.

    Men, rise up, and be the man that reflects Christ.

    In Christ
    Bro Kent

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