Loving Christians who struggle with homosexuality

March 10, 2009

We’re all different. This is seen in our strengths: one is athletic, one is “artsy”, and another is mathematical. One is “task oriented” and another is “people oriented.” And it is seen in our greatest struggles: one is prone to anger, one has to fight off laziness, one struggles with strong temptation to alcoholism, one has a difficult time with gossip, one fears man and longs for the praise of his peers, another struggles with lust, and another, with homosexuality… None of these tendencies make the related behaviors excusable. Sin is sin. But the born again Christian is commited to repentance – to turning from sin and pursuing the life God has called us to…

This article, written by a Christian who struggles with same sex desires but is committed to battling them, is well worth the read. Don’t be put off by his terminology – when he refers to “homosexual Christians” he’s referring to people like himself, who struggle, but are commited to turning from those sinful desires. As he explains in his article, these people, like all of us, need the church: the loving, supporting, faithful, compassionate help of other Christians. Will we be that for each other? We must! It is what God calls us to.   

Read the article here.


HT: Justin Taylor


One Response to “Loving Christians who struggle with homosexuality”

  1. Jesse said

    i want to be used as an example of a person who has conqored this sin with God’s help, i want to help the suffering people, i know it is extrememly difficult but with God nothing is impossible, once i delt with that sin God helped me conqor lust all together, i believe i am using my experiences to help others be pulled out of what they are going through and to help them trust in God for the future.

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