Seeds Family Worship

April 26, 2009

Seeds Family Worship:

“Seeds Family Worship was planted when worship leader, Jason Houser, was asked to write some songs to help kids remember the verses from his church’s summer Bible school. Jason began writing songs and singing them for the kids and families at church. The songs were well-crafted, catchy, and taken straight from scripture. Families liked them… a lot. From just a handful of songs, Seeds Family Worship was planted – providing God’s Word set to music for thousands of families all over the world. We are gladdened by stories of worship times at home, scripture memorized, and object lessons taught using Seeds songs. The fifth Seeds Family Worship album – The Power of Encouragement – has just released. In total, Seeds has grown to 58 portions of scripture set to music!”

A Seeds song, from Psalm 55:22:


HT: Tim Challies


One Response to “Seeds Family Worship”

  1. Kent Dalton said

    Our Family loves SEEDS music.

    Andrew Callaway gave us our first CD and we have added several more.

    Our whole Family sings along to the “Scripture set to music” and find that our children tell us decisions that they have made, because they recalled some of God’s Word that they have had in a song.

    We give SEEDS a “whole-hearted” recommendation for all Families with Elementary aged children.

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