National Day of Prayer

May 6, 2009

The 58th National Day of Prayer will take place tomorrow, May 7. A list of prayer requests is included as an aid to your prayer. Also, Bethel Grace is urged to participate in the service at the Bellflower City Hall at noon.

I hope to see you there!


In the Morning

Our President
Decisions that accord with God’s Word
Wise counsel to surround him
Upright character and integrity
Protection physically and spiritually
Courage and understanding to do what is right

Our Congress
Laws reflect true justice and goodness
Wisdom to prosper the nation
Correct decisions for social welfare & economics
Motivated by goodness not partisan concerns

Our Supreme Court
Wisdom in selecting Souter’s successor
Correct judgment in every case before them
Rulings in line with Scripture & God’s will

In the Afternoon

Law Enforcement Officers
Wisdom in crime prevention and prosecution
Persons of integrity and dedication on the force
Supernatural guidance in capturing criminals
Divine intervention in locating harmed people
Protection of officers at home and abroad

National Protection
Divine protection from terror
Victory in the war on terror
Safety for every man, woman and child
Frustration of the plans of evildoers
Insight for leaders on how to guard and defend

In the Evening

National Spirituality & Morality
The power of the Gospel spread abroad
A conviction of right and wrong in lawmakers
The work of the Spirit in hearts toward good
The purity of the church from worldly ways
The strengthening of the family unit
True biblical marriage honored
Sexual purity

The Health of the Church
The ability to stand firm in the Truth
To preach the full counsel of God
Strong loving leadership in each church
A deep desire for untarnished biblical teaching
Being hearers and doers of the Word
Boldness and love in actively spreading Christ


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