After church services yesterday, I called Jonathan to come to the car so we could drive home.  He approached with a pensive look on his face.  He went on to clarify the “new terms” of our relationship. 

“Daddy, when you don’t tell me what to do, I’ll do it.  And, when you tell me what to do, I won’t do it.”

…Sigh…  Part of me wanted to crack up laughing.  Part of me wanted to weep. 

I love my little boy so much it hurts.  Jonathan, like all of us in our fallen nature, does not want to have an authority over his life.  He wants to be the captain of his own ship. 

I went on the explain to him that God made him.  God is his authority.  God has entrusted him to Kristy and I as authorities over his life as well.   And God has called  him to live in the circle of obedience to his parents. 

In Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp has identified objectives for parenting during three stages of a child’s life.  This book and these principles have been very helpful to Kristy and me as we lead them in God’s ways.  We recommend the book to you for further equipping and support.  


Here is a glimpse of these three stages and objectives for each stage: 

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I’m enjoying some great fellowship with CH Spurgeon in preperation for Sunday’s worship. Here is something that stirred my heart and that each one of us would do well to reflect on.

Read this and reflect on James 4:13-17.

“Is it so, O man, that thy life is self governed? Is there not, after all, One greater than thyself? Is there not a higher power that can speed thee or stop thee? If thou dost not know this, thou hast not yet learned the first letter of the alphabet of wisdom. May God teach thee that everything is not at your disposal; but that the Lord reigneth, the Lord sitteth King for ever and ever!”

God opposes the proud but give grace to the humble!


Update on the Drews

August 14, 2009

Well, we’re safe and sound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

It was a good trip! The days were long, but we enjoyed ourselves. To help pass the long hours on the road, we listened to the Chronicles of Narnia on audio book and kept a look-out for different state license plates (we saw 42 states in total! 🙂 ).  We really enjoyed seeing the country… The road from Arizona to New Mexico is gorgeous! Filled with amazing rock formations and landscapes. And everything from Arkansas on was incredibly lush and green and treed – many of these states are far more beautiful than I would have thought! We saw deer a few times and a tortoise once (actually, I very nearly smushed it!). The biggest blessing of all though was the opportunity to visit with several dear friends. God was very gracious to us!

We’ve been very busy since arriving in Lancaster. We got new phones (Pat has our new numbers), and have been looking for an apartment (mostly), a new bank, and a car. We put in an application on an apartment this morning… : )  Heather has very much enjoyed her induction and training this week, and is excited to be working in this school district. We’re busy, but blessed!


Chris and Jessica Herring – Surprise, Arizona


cooky and fam

Heather’s “Black Mama”, Cooky, and family – Albuquerque, New Mexico



Dave and Stacey Hare, Louisville, Kentucky

(If you think of it, please pray for them – they hope to finalize their adoption and bring their adopted son and daughter home from Ethiopia in the next couple months)

Okay, that’s enough pictures for now. We’ll post them all on-line at some point and let you know so you can see them if you’d like to. I’ll write a little more next week…

We love and miss you all! Blessings to you!

~ Donovan and Heather

P.S.: Did I mention that we saw Billy Graham in Nashville?

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August 6, 2009

JC Ryle
JC Ryle
Danny Ryle
Danny Ryle


The writings of JC Ryle have been a great encouragement to my walk with Christ.  Of all the books I own, Ryle’s four volume work, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, is among my favorites. 

Because we’ve been so blessed by JC Ryle, and because we think his name has something of a ring to it, Kristy and I even named our second little one Daniel Ryle Saltzmann!

I’m glad to see that a new blog has been launched providing daily quotes from the writings and sermons of JC Ryle.  I encourage you to receive daily encouragement from this brother in Christ here: J.C. Ryle Quotes

Pastor Jeff