Deacon’s Fund this Sunday

September 4, 2009

Deacons Fund-1
Perhaps you recall the massage in James 5:1-6 from last Sunday.  James spoke words of stern judgment for those who hoard resources with no sympathy for the people around them in need.  A heavy and challenging passage of Scripture!  And the Spirit used it to stir many of our hearts toward generosity. 

Here is one way you can help people in the Bethel Grace family who are in need.  Give to the Deacon’s Fund.  This fund is separate from the operating budget of Bethel Grace.  It goes directly to assist members of the congregation who find themselves in need.  It provides financial assistance for rent, food, medical care, utilities, and other expenses.  

It was reported at the August 16th Quarterly Business Meeting that our Deacon’s Fund is currently running a deficit in the range $1,700.  That’s indicative of how many people are turning to Bethel Grace for support during tough economic times.

This Sunday, as with every communion Sunday, a collection will be received at the close of the service for the Deacon’s Fund.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause!



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