English Standard Version

September 18, 2009

Beginning Sunday Morning, October 4, Bethel Grace will use the English Standard Version of the Bible for its preaching and teaching ministries.  The ESV is a highly literal, word for word translation of the original Hebrew & Greek that is very readable at the same time.  In the words of John Piper, it brings a great “balance of literal accuracy and contemporary English readability.”

Here’s why I approached the elders for permission to make this switch and more info on the ESV…

I’ve been preaching on Sunday mornings at Bethel Grace for five years now.  Each week I read and study the Sunday morning passage in the original Greek.  At the same time, I’ve been using 6 English translations in my study (NIV, ESV, NASB, Youngs, KJV, NKJV).  I’ve been blessed immensly by the NIV over these past years, but also have been frustrated at times to find details of the Greek left out of the English (The NIV uses a “thought-for-thought” rather than a “word-for-word” approach in its translation.).  Meanwhile, I’ve found the ESV to be right on target week in and week out.  It has become my favorite among the different translations I use. 

The ESV seems to bring all the nuances of the original languages into the English while being very easy to read at the same time.  A “word-for-word” translation is more consistent with the kind of preaching and teaching that occurs at Bethel Grace.  For these reasons, the elders happily agreed to make the ESV the primary translation used at Bethel Grace. 

I encourage all of you in the Bethel Grace family to get a copy of this Bible.  Also, pew Bible are being ordered for our sanctuary.  I can’t wait to start using it with Bethel Grace!

For more general information on the ESV, click here.

For more reading on “word-for-word” (ESV) and “thought-for-thought” (NIV) translation philosophies, click here. 

To read endorsements of the ESV (including Bridges, Chan, Lucado, Piper, Sproul & Walvoord) , click here.

To order your own copy online, click here.



7 Responses to “English Standard Version”

  1. Rod said

    Woo hoo! I’ve already got my ESV Study Bible in hand and ready!

  2. John said

    Hurray! Looking forward to having pew Bibles too for visitors to use.

  3. Richard Montoya said

    Totally looking forward to this. Thank you Pastor Jeff, Thank you Elders!!!

  4. Bob Lamm said

    I’m excited. I’ve been using an electornic version of the ESV on my blackberry for a couple of years. Sometimes I’ve used during your sermons ( no I wasn’t checking e-mail)

    I will miss the 15 years of margin notes and underlining in my NIV; but I get to start again.

  5. Jeff Saltzmann said

    I totally identify with you Bob. I have an NIV Application Study Bible that I love. So many years of notes and reflections are stored up there. I will keep on using it. But, here is a chance to start anew. So true!

  6. Curto said

    I’m shopping for mine now!

  7. Debi said

    Don’t much like change but am excited about the opportunity for the Lord to grow me in that area of my life. Still looking to purchase an ESV Bible. I only started using the NIV in the last year. My favorite with all the notes in it was my NASB. The switch to the NIV was a breeze. I am taking that attitude with me on this change too. I am also looking forward to marking up my ESV when I get it. In an ever changing world our Lord is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

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