My Day Off

October 17, 2009

Highlight of the Day

Highlight of the Day

Monday is usually regarded as the pastor’s day off.  Did that for years.  Over the past several months, however, I’ve been taking Friday as my day off for family, fun &  home.  Here are some of the highlights of my day off, Friday October 16:

7:30 am – Woke up, cleaned up.  Kristy gone and off to work with her bro for the day.

7:35 – PB & J – Prayer, Bible, Java. 

8:00 –  Checked email.  Sent email to BGBC small group participants.  Sent email to Pat.  Worried about church.  Prayed about worry & church.  Reviewed recent website updates.  Got excited about church.  Worried some more about church.  Prayed for a healthy and active church.

8:15 – Danny up.  A bit of play time with Danny Ryle.  Made him some Ovaltine & oat meal.

8:30 – Read The Presence of the Future, by Ladd.  Danny watching PBS Kids.

9:00 –  Jonathan up.  A bit of wrestlemania with the boys.  Got the boys dressed.

9:30 – Cruised by Dunkin’ Donuts with the boys. 

9:45 – Arrived at El Dorada Nature Center with the boys.  Had a little tailgate donut eating  milk drinking party with Jon and Danny.

10:00 – Picked good sticks.  Walked around the Nature Center.  Looked at turtles.    Thought about Sunday.  Sang “Let Your Kingdom Come.”  Had fun with the boys.  Thought about how dad used to take me and my brother to the same place when we were the same age.

11:00 – Went off to another part of El Dorado Park.  Had fun playing with the boys on the playground.  The boys played with a kid named Carter.  I chattted with Carter’s uncle, a very friendly fellow covered with tattoes.

Noon – Took reluctant boys home for lunch.  Drank lots of water, ate lots of pinapple and pepperoni and Hawaiian bread for lunch.

1:oo – Put Danny down for nap.  Jon played with toys.  I brushed Stewart and threw the ball around with him.  Tidied up around the house a bit.  Showered up.

1:30 – Got the mail.  Tons of stuff in the mail.  Behold…  Tons of stuff from Bethel Grace family!  Must be pastor appreciation month!  Got a glass of Ovaltine.  Sat on the sofa with all the letters and cards.  Felt like a kid opening presents on Christmas day.  Soaked it in.  Went slow.  My heart was warmed.  My spirit was refreshed.   Thought about BGBC.  Praised God for BGBC.  Asked God to bless BGBC.

2:00.  Read an email from a hurting friend.  Prayed for hurting friend.  Replied to hurting fried.   Prayed more for my friend and my friend’s family.  Read a few other emails.  Worried about church.  Asked God to bless the church.

2:30.  Spent some time with Jon watching the Dodger game.  Pedro was pitching good for the Phils.  Danny woke up.  Made some popcorn.  Watched some ball and ate popcorn with the boys.

3:00 – Loaded the boys up in the truck.  Off to Long Beach Town Center.  Got a pumkpin spice frap from Starbucks.  Watched the boys play in the little water playground.  Did some playing in the water myself.  Jonathan played with a kid named Chris.  I spent some time chatting with Chris’s eccentric grandma.   Stayed a while.  Walked around the Town Center.

5:30 – Got home.  Angels losing!  Daahhh.  Watched some of the game.  Let the boys play PBS kids on the computer.  Did laundry, did dishes, cleaned house while watching the game.

7:00 – Kristy called.  Her bro’s cancer really wearing him down.  She’d be needing to spend more time helping tonight.  

7:15 – Made dinner for me and the boys.   Wheat pasta with olive oil, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and butter.  Pepperoni (always a sure hit with my boys).  Salad with ranch.   

7:45 – Boys bath time.

8:15 – Bath time done.  Work out time.  Boys worked out too.  Lots of stretching, ab routine, pushups, more stretching.

9:00 – Kristy’s home!  Lots of hugs and kisses for mama!!! 

9:15 – Went shopping.  Bought birthday present for my mom at Homegoods, rustic looking pilgram figurines.  Went to Starbucks looking for a new insulated deskmug.  Lost mine way back at VBS.  No luck.   Went to Vons for coffee and cranberries.

10:15 – Back home.  Boys still up.  Good!  Family devotional time.  Read together out of Mark.  Talked about Jesus, the Gospel and discipleship. 

10:45 – Jonathan wanted to act like it was Sunday and he was the preacher.  We set him loose.  He grabbed his Bible.  He exhorted us briefly, but with conviction, “John the Baptist ate honey, Jesus is God, and we should obey Him.”   Dude.  He was pointing at us and everything.  Could it be?  Envisioned Jonathan the preacher.   Had to take a picture.  We prayed for eachother, uncle Rick, and Bethel Grace.

11:00 –  A very late bedtime for the boys.

11:30 – Talked with Kristy about her long day.  Told her about mine.  I have an amazing wife.  Truly a woman who gives herself away with love and grace. 

12:00 – Kristy dozes off.  I start this blog. 

Good night BGBC Family.  I love you and am so truly blessed to be here with you.
~Pastor Jeff

2 Responses to “My Day Off”

  1. keith young said

    I just happened to be checking out the Alvin and family update and noticed your blog. What an awesome Friday you had….sounds like a full day enjoying time with the boys.

    I want you to know Shelly and I are praying for you and Kristy as your schedules have been turned upside down. We’re praying for Kristy’s brother Rick as well.

    Jeff, the Young family appreciates you and your gracious heart….you’ve always demonstrated God’s love to us and are truly living out the greatest commandment.

    I pray that your worry has already been transformed into joy as you continue to do what God gifted you to do.

    Your message on Mark last week was an awesome reminder of what the church is called to do within our “oikos”…..

    Lord willing we’ll see you soon brother…

    Keith, Shelly, Lacee, Katelyn….and the boys Quiksilver and Rusty

  2. Bobby Grow said

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m praying for Kristy’s brother. We should talk sometime soon via phone.

    In Christ,

    Bobby Grow

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