Mark Dever’s Study

April 21, 2010

I really like Mark Dever.  I like his preaching.  I like the church he’s pastoring.  I like his books.  I like his personality.  I like the 9Marks ministry.  I like his theology.  I think he’s a godly pastor and a great guy.  I like using the materials he produces at Bethel Grace. 

In this video, he takes us on a tour of his office, his “golden cage.”  My prayer is to one day visit this office.  He does “Weekender Conferences” inviting pastors, elders and church leaders to come observe Capitol Hill Baptist Church services and leadership meetings.  You get to hang out with him, his team, and be encouraged in pastoral ministry.  Maybe someday.   

I think you’d be encouraged listening to his messages.  I think you’d be encouraged by his books too.  If you’ve not done so, and you’re a Bethel Grace member, you must read 9 Marks of a Healthy Church.  We have copies at Bethel Grace.  Foundational. 

Watch this and I think you’ll see why I like Pastor Mark.  He’s funny–I was cracking up over and over again. 

Ok, without further delay, here’s the tour!…



One Response to “Mark Dever’s Study”

  1. Bobby said

    Quite the library, Jeff. Probably about how your’s looks right now 😉 .

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