Mike & Marsha Slone, Missionaries to US Naval Acadamy

June 4, 2010

Michael & Marsha Slone have been missionaries for Bethel Grace for over 25 years.  They are currently ministering to Midshipmen (students) at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mike will be visiting BGBC this weekend June 5th– 6th!   Mike bring his friend ENS Kwame Anyika as a guest.  On Saturday he will be speaking at the father/son Legacy meeting from noon-3pm at BGBC.  On Sunday he will be teaching on discipleship in the Salt & Light class at 9am.  All are welcome!  On Sunday evening, he will bring a report of his ministry during the 6pm service with a reception in Fellowship Hall to follow.

Mike and Marsha, who are missionaries with Navigators, help facilitate two weekly meetings of 40-60 Midshipmen for worship, community, and Bible teaching about Christian basics in doctrine, living, and ministering. Throughout the week, they meet with individual Midshipmen for personalized discipleship training.  The Slones have a ministry specialized in discipleship with African American students. 

These students, who graduate from the Naval Academy, will go on to become leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps.  So, by discipling these future leaders, the Navigators seek to “advance the Gospel of Jesus and his Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.”

 Please come out and see Mike, hear him speak, and visit with him during these events!

You can find more info about this ministry at www.navigators.org/us/staff/slone.  Also, please contact Mike & Marsha and let them know you praying for them! You can send your encouragement to mjsnavmiluem@gmail.com.


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