This year’s Resolved Conference will be streamed live for free!

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, June 12 
8pm – Session 1, Rick Holland

Saturday, June 13
11am – Session 2, Steve Lawson
5pm – Session 3, C.J. Mahaney
7pm – Session 4, Enfield Concert

Sunday, June 14
11am – Session 5, Steve Lawson
5pm – Session 6, John MacArthur
7pm – Session 7, John Piper

Monday, June 15
9am – Session 8, Rick Holland
11am – Session 9, John MacArthur
5pm – Session 10, C.J. Mahaney
7pm – Session 11, John Piper

For more about the speakers click here.

To access the live stream click here.

In case you haven’t seen this year’s promotional video, here it is again:

To see previous year’s trailers, click here.



NEXT Conference Audio

May 27, 2009

NEXT is the new name for the New Attitude conference, a conference affiliated with Sovereign Grace Ministries and aimed primarily at young adults. Most of the audio from this year’s conference is available free of charge on their website now, with more still to come. This year’s speakers include C.J. Mahaney, Joshua Harris, D.A. Carson, Sinclair Ferguson, and Kevin DeYoung. Messages from previous conferences are also available. Access these messages here


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The Sovereign Grace Pastors’ Conference audio is on-line (and so is audio from previous years’ conferences, which I didn’t know was available). The messages are here.

Also, I’ve updated the Together for the Gospel Audio post from a little while back now that audio from more of the break-out sessions is available. See that here.

~ Donovan

Sovereign Grace Ministries Blog:

Spanning more than four months on the blog, C.J.’s 17-part series on biblical productivity has finally concluded. Via email and in personal conversations many of you have requested that the series be provided as a single document to make it easier to print and read. And today we are making this entire series available as a single 36-page document. You can view and download the PDF by clicking here (0.6 MB).

You can also access individual posts:

Biblical Productivity:

1. Are You Busy?

2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator

3. The Procrastinator Within

4. Just Do It

5. In All Thy Ways

6. The Sluggard

7. Time. Redeemed.

8. Roles, Goals, Scheduling

9. Roles (Part 1)

10. Roles (Part 2)

11. Goals (Part 1)

12. Goals (Part 2)

13. Goals (Part 3)

14. Goals (Part 4)

15. Scheduling the Unexpected

16. The To-Do Lists Are Never Done

17. Self-Sufficient


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Entrusted with the Gospel“, the 2009 Gospel Coalition conference, was last week. The conference had an incredible line-up of speakers.

Justin Taylor:

The audio and video from The Gospel Coalition conference are now available online for free. Most of them are expositions of 2 Timothy:

The Audio from most of the worskshop sessions is also available:

Three of the sessions had corrupt audio, and the files are being worked on. It may be some time, however, before they become available:

  • Michael Bullmore, “The Functional Centrality of the Gospel”
  • Tim Savage, “Power in Weakness: The Heart of Gospel Ministry”
  • Scotty Smith, “A Biblical Theology of Worship: On Preference and Other Matters”


This conference is excellent, every year. Though primarily aimed at young adults (18-35), anyone can go. The theme this year is “Sin”, and the speakers are Rick Holland, Steve Lawson, John MacArthur, CJ Mahaney, and John Piper. Check out the trailer below: 


This overview of the 2009 conference is from the Resolved website:

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Sovereign Grace Ministries is headed up by CJ Mahaney. Their books are excellent, and are especially well known for being gospel-saturated. We’ve used a number of them in our ministry here. Their music, headed up by Bob Kauflin, is the same – absolutely drenched with truth, with a special focus on our Savior and His sacrifice. Their on-line store is having a big sale in February (click here for details), so be sure to check out these great, cross-centered resources:

Books ($7 each for the month of February): Click here

Books in the “Pursuit of Godliness” series ($4 each for the month of February): Click here

Music CDs ($6 each for the month of February): Click here   

Store homepage: Click here


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Roles (part 2)

December 28, 2008

CJ Mahaney continues his series on God-honoring time management. You can read his latest post, Roles (part 2), here.


Roles (Part 1)

December 18, 2008

I’m really enjoying CJ Mahaney’s ongoing blog series about God-honoring time management and productivity. His most recent post is entitled “Roles (Part 1)“. Read it here.

Preceding posts in this series: 

1. Are You Busy?

2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator

3. The Procrastinator Within

4. Just Do It

5. The Sluggard (sharing insights from Derek Kidner)

6. Time. Redeemed. (sharing insights from RC Sproul)

7. Roles, Goals, Scheduling


Roles, Goals, and Scheduling

December 13, 2008

C.J. Mahaney writes: “From my study of this topic and my observation of those I admire (and desire to emulate), it appears to me that being faithful, productive, and fruitful for the glory of God requires that I accomplish three things:

1. define my present God-given roles,
2. determine specific, theologically informed goals, and
3. transfer these goals into my schedule.”

Read the whole post here