• Old Testament professor and author, Walter Kaiser, wrote a brief post explaining why we can properly speak of Jesus being in the tomb for 3 days. Read it here. (HT: Tim Challies)
  • Justin Taylor references 1 Corinthians 5:7–“Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed”, and points us to Todd Bolen’s explanation of why we should watch this graphic video of a passover lamb being slaughtered.
  • Dan Philips references Justin’s post and the video, and dives into the theology of a sacrifice for sin found throughout Scripture. You can read his post, “A holy day — not a pretty day”, here.
  • Last year we posted an article by John Piper on the results of the resurrection. You can read it here.

Blessings to you as you meditate on Christ’s sacrifice for you, and all that is your in Him.



Sunday’s Comin!

April 10, 2009


Good Friday is “good” because Sunday came. Jesus IS risen! He is risen indeed!!


HT: Mark Spicer

That’s Easter

April 8, 2009

These two short (less than 5 minute) videos are very well done. One of them addresses evidence for the resurrection, and the other addresses the significance of Easter in Christianity. Check them out here.


HT: Justin Taylor

Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday are just around the corner. To help us celebrate this time as we should (savoring it’s significance and worshipping God for it), I encourage you to check out the article by Pastor John Piper below. I add a few more thoughts afterwards.

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