Elder’s meeting tonight!  I am very thankful for the men I am called to serve with at Bethel Grace!  If you have not yet done so, you can become acquainted with the current Bethel Grace Elders on the “Elders’ Page” of our website.

We meet every other Tuesday from 5pm until 8 or 9pm.  We start with fellowship in the Word discussing biblical principles pertinent to our call as leaders in the church.  Then we pray for the church, the membership of the church, the mission of the church, and the night’s meeting.  Then we seek God’s direction and make decisions about various church affairs. 

I thought you might be interested in the materials we are studying and listening to together as elders.  Be praying for us, that the truths contained in these resources would seep into our hearts and help us grow as shepherds. 

How about if I keep you posted on this stuff, and you keep us in prayer?  The elders will pray for the rest of the membership of Bethel Grace, and the rest of the membership will pray for the elders???  Sound like a good plan?  I think so too.  Thanks!

~ Jeff

April 13
Scripture: I Timothy 3
Messages: “Elders: Taking Care of God’s Church,” Alistar Begg & “The Good Elder,” by Kent Hughes
Both these messages are on the Gospel Coalition Website.  Any of the sermons on these pages would be worth listening to!  I’d encourage you to browse the website and become familiar this great resource!May 11
Scripture: Psalm 34, especially verses 11-14
Reading: The Peacemaker, Parts 1 & 2 (which contain chapters 1-6)

May 25
Scripture: Ezekiel 34; I Peter 5
Messages: Elder Training Videos: “The Elder as a Shepherd,” “Prayer & the Word,” “Speaking the Truth in Love,” & “Marriage Support”
These materials are from Tenth Presbyterian Church.  Some of their notable pastors have been Donald Grey Barnhouse, James Montgomery Boice, and current Paul Tripp is an associate pastor.  All these materials are so practical and helpful.  I greatly appreciate the humility and wisdom of the one teaching, D. Marion Clark.  June 8
Scripture: Matthew 18
Reading: The Peacemaker, Parts 3 & 4 (which contain chapters 7-12)