Here, There & Back Again

October 6, 2009

Here are a few items online that interested me and/or stirred worship in my heart.

Driscoll on “unbelief vs. questions” and God’s ability to do anything.
Here is an example of why I appreciate the preaching of Mark Driscoll.  For all the (sometimes valid) criticism he has received, he is a Bible-saturated expository preacher of Truth who exalts the sovereign majesty of Jesus Christ.  Two things on this link.  First, I think the “unbelief vs. questions” insight can be helpful in regard to the final message of the James series on those who “wander from the faith.”   Second, the story at the end about the reconciled couple sent chills up my spine and worship to God from my heart.  God can do ANYTHING!

Letterman and the Gospel.
Some very powerful insight into the dread exposed sin places in the heart of man.  People need Jesus Christ. (HT –

Fabarez & Compass Bible Church on their coming switch to ESV.
In this blog Pastor Mike Fabarez (who spoke to the men of Bethel Grace about a year ago) explains while Compass will soon be using the English Standard Version.   He mentions some curious news concerning the future of NIV that I was not aware of.

Blessings to you Bethel Grace!