It’s All About Jesus

August 6, 2010

I received an email from my friend Richard Montoya today.   He sent it to several brothers to encourage them in the Lord.  It was his summary of a great message he heard that was just too good for him to keep to himself.  Read the very striking, Christ-exalting, uplifting truth from that message below.

But while we’re here, let me just say that this is a good example of having fellowship in the Word.  First, you get blessed.  Then you pass on the blessing to others.  It might be something you read, heard in a Bible study, or listened to online.  But it struck you, and one way or another, you pass it on to others.  Maybe with an email, with a phone call, or during a chat when you’re hanging out at the park with friends from your Sunday school class. 

Two questions for you:  Are you in the Word?  How are you passing on the blessing?  “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom” ~ Colossians 3:16

Here’s a link to the sermon audio of the Resolved Conference mentioned in the email.  Read Rich’s email here:


Happy Friday Brothers,

I wanted to share this excerpt from a sermon I heard at the Resolved conference this year. Every time I hear these words it brings one big Amen to my day.

* If I could summon any angel from heaven and draw them away from their heavenly gaze to speak to us, they would speak of Jesus

* If I could go to any saint above enjoying their heavenly reward and draw them away from their heavenly gaze, they would speak to us about Jesus

* If I could reach into the depths of hell and rescue someone from their eternal anguish and bring them to us here, they would speak of Jesus

* If the Holy Spirit himself to materialize and stand before us, according to John 14 the Holy spirit would speak to us of Jesus

* If God the Father were to condescend from His eternal throne and stand before us, He would speak of Jesus

* However, If the devil himself and any of his angels were to stand before us, they would want to speak of anything but Jesus. Or better yet,
they would like to speak of Jesus in an inaccurate, an untruthful way. They would as 1 John says, speak to us of another Jesus


RHollandSCI had a great time with the elders of Bethel Grace at the 9Marks workshop this past weekend!  All the speakers blessed us tremendously.  Pastor Rick Holland of Grace Community Church brought a message stressing the primacy and vital importance of God’s Word in the life of a local church.  Here’s my attempt to recapitulate a few of his points that really blessed me…

1.  Don’t judge the success of a message by the retention of all its content so much as by its impact on the heart and life the hearer.  Not everyone will remember every truth received in a message.  Most families don’t go home and recite the cleverly alliterated outline!  But the encounter of receiving God’s Word faithfully preached is vitally important to the soul.

  2.  Yesterday, many preachers wanted to be accepted by the academic world.  Today, many preachers want to be accepted by pop-culture.  Above all, Spirit-filled preachers want to be approved by God.

3.  The Gospel is not necessarily in every text, but it should be in every sermon.  Point people to the cross.