November 14, 2007

I wrote this 2 years ago and posted it on my MySpace. Since Thanksgiving is here again, I figured I’d post it again: 

I realized a while back that there is a huge difference between being glad that something is the way it is, and being thankful for it being the way it is… I was very glad that my college education was being paid for, saving me from 50 million lifetimes of paying off debt (The Master’s College is HIDEOUSLY expensive), but I was not actually being thankful until I went to my Dad and expressed my gratitude… Being thankful requires acknowledging the source of what you are happy for; it means appreciating the giver, not just the gift…

Pretty simple perhaps, but if you really think about it, it has profound implications for every-day life…. A simple example: It is a beautiful sunny day where I am today – I recognize the beauty of the day, but am I going to move beyond that and acknowledge the goodness and love of God in gifting me with a beautiful day, and beyond that even- with the sun and its warmth (whenever I am blessed to enjoy it), with the beauty of a blue, blue sky, and with the senses to actually take it all in… Examples in all of life are endless…

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